About Us

App Development

We are an app development studio building the next generation of entertainment applications

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Building a collective experience

Building experiences that can be shared with family and friends is at the core of what we do.

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Global Presence

Our applications serve content to millions of users across more than 30 languages in more than 90 countries

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Million MAU



Our focus

Experiences that can be enjoyed and shared by everyone

Our team focuses on consistently synthesizing user feedback loops to continue improving our products

Keeping up with entertainment experiences across devices is a must to optimize for user engagement and comfort. We aim at doing just that

At the core of our beliefs lies the idea that experiences should be shared and commented. Our goal is to improve the means by which users are able to do so

Meet our team

We build a strong team of great people

Our founding team has a strong background in data analysis and software engineering. Luckily, with time, a team of extremely talented and motivated experts have joined us covering:

Barcelona Office

Address: Carrer Aragó 383 Barcelona Spain

E-mail: [email protected]